About Trunk and Branch

Hello, my name is Dan.

Trunk & Branch in my personal workshop. When I’m not working as an interactive designer and product designer, raising 2 kids, cooking dinner, playing soccer, working on my home, or practicing martial arts, I like to make things. I started making weapons because I wanted a variety of pieces that were not available.

Over the last few years, I‘ve used this website and my small shop space to create a few other items that I find interesting to build, or am asked to make them.

The queue is closed.

Can I place an order?

No. I am not currently accepting requests for estimates and orders. However, you can email if you'd like a notification of when I open the queue back up.

Why is the queue closed?

I am moving across the country, and until I am settled in a permanent location, I will not have tool access or workspace.

When will the queue open?

I hope to begin accepting orders by the end of 2017.

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