Custom Work

Because each piece is made to order, I can easily customize most items within the limits of tools and skill.

Custom work

Basic Customization

On a smaller scale, I have made custom-profiled bokken with a brass ‘strike plate’ on the end of the tsuka, and tanto made from multiple woods that were laminated together.

More options

An example of more involved custom work would be changing the dimensions of the tanto storage box and using different species of wood.\Larger items such as nafudakake and tori are always custom items. These are always made to your unique specifications.

There is no standard upcharge for customizations. The final fee depends on the time and materials involved.

Custom work
The queue is closed.

Can I place an order?

No. I am not currently accepting requests for estimates and orders. However, you can email if you'd like a notification of when I open the queue back up.

Why is the queue closed?

I am moving across the country, and until I am settled in a permanent location, I will not have tool access or workspace.

When will the queue open?

I hope to begin accepting orders by the end of 2017.

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