Other Work

We craft a small range of items for use beyond the dojo. Each of these items was a custom order, finished to the same standards as our weapons. If you would like something similar (or something brand new) you can as always, contact us.


Cutting boards

This cutting board is an end-grain board made from hickory, jatoba, and black walnut, measuring about 12x18”. Cutting boards can be made from a variety of species, and either end-grain or long-grain oriented.

End grain cutting board

Tortilla press

Make the best tortillas you’ve ever had with a tortilla press like this. This press was crafted from honey locust and hickory woods, and finished with a food-safe finish.

Tortilla press

Racks & Hooks

Scrap-wood Hooks

These small coat hooks and hat racks are built from scraps that would otherwise have been thrown out and hooks from iron or repurposed objects.

Jatoba, black locust, and black walnut hooks

Bike Racks

These matching racks are made of black walnut, hickory and stainless steel.

Walnut and Hickory bike racks


Tool boxes

These boxes are designed based on a pattern for a traditional Japanese-style tool box. Once is made from maple and walnut, with bloodwood wedges. The other is made from maple, walnut, and jatoba.

Storage boxes

Toys & Games

Game boards

These Nine Mens Morris and Fanorona boards were made from cherry and black walnut. The game pieces were made from live oak (plain and ebonzed). The carrier was build from cherry.

Nine Mens Morris and Fanorona boards

Wooden cars

Cars and airplanes crafted from solid wood.

The queue is closed.

Can I place an order?

No. I am not currently accepting requests for estimates and orders. However, you can email if you'd like a notification of when I open the queue back up.

Why is the queue closed?

I am moving across the country, and until I am settled in a permanent location, I will not have tool access or workspace.

When will the queue open?

I hope to begin accepting orders by the end of 2017.

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